What I Do

I’m an innovator, project manager and a systems integrator. When the project calls for it, I welcome an opportunity to get my hands dirty in design, development and system builds, especially where hardware meets the software.

I’ve led multidisciplinary teams of developers, engineers and scientists.  I’ve lead small teams of coding ninjas.  As they say, size doesn’t matter.  Rather, it’s the idea, the team, the methodologies, the technology and the approach.

Most companies struggle with the development and project management.  They struggle with assembling the right team of complementary developers.  They struggle articulating the value proposition of the solution.  They struggle to see the big picture so that the solution developed meets the market need.

I understand the goal is to make a solution that meets a market need, can be quickly adopted and can generate high returns for investors.  That’s what I do.  And I can help you.