TriDAR Project

TriDAR 3Di processing project was conducted with participation of Frontline Robotics, Neptec Design Group, Xyphos and Canadian Space Agency.

The project objective was to test TriDAR detecting and tracking an object of interest from a moving robotic platform and quantify the performance.

Some of the challenges in this project were design of custom bracket securing the valuable sensor on the robot, providing vibration isolation without interfering with the sensor performance, providing wireless communication for the sensor data capture and supply clean power to the sensor from the robot subsystems.

We have developed a custom software for capturing and analyzing data from both sensors.

Ultimately, the TriDAR sensor was installed on the robot and 6DoF data acquired from sensor was correlated against robot’s planar Laser Measurement System sensor.The test data proved exceptional performance of the TriDAR sensor even in the challenging conditions on a snowy, winter day.

Overall, this project that went unusually smooth given the complexities involved. This however was not a surprise due to professionalism of people involved on all sides. As projects go in terms of risk events, Mr. Murphy was likely vacationing at that time, which was a definite bonus.

Until recently, TriDAR was guiding the automated rendezvous and docking of International Space Station and space shuttle orbiter in space.