I am a modest individual. I am not comfortable discussing my accomplishments or my skills.

That’s why I’ve brought these fine people into the picture. I’m going to let them tell you why we should really be talking!

Trent Reeb

Product Designer, X4i Corporation
“Lubo’s work at X4i has been high in quality, consistency, and reliability. He manages both projects and business operations very effectively, and is a pleasure to work with. Lubo’s strengths are in his attention to detail, his deep consideration of the issues at hand, and his determination to solve problems and complete the toughest tasks.”

Paul Rocco

Co-Founder, President at Provectus Robotics Solutions Inc.
“Lubo played a significant role in helping Provectus Robotics Solutions achieve our project goals. Through hard work and perseverance he was able to complete all assigned tasks under extremely trying conditions overseas. His attention to detail and dedication to the task at hand make him a welcome addition to any corporate team.”

Don Wood

Former Chief Operating Officer, The Elementa Group
“I have worked with Lubo for the past 3 quarters. He is diligent and passionate about his work. He has pursued target opportunities very aggressively and pushed these projects forward both internally and externally. Lubo is very technically competent, and has been a very good resource in sourcing technical development information.”

Vince Somoza

V.P. Product Solutions at Design Interpretive

“Lubo is a highly creative and exceptionally hardworking individual who strives for perfection in whatever he does. My personal experience with Lubo is as a colleague while working on a number of robotic engineering projects for FrontLine and Whitebox Robotics. While consulting with Lubo and his engineering team he showed strong leadership and management skills and also contributed significantly to the final design of several very innovative products. I highly recommend him as a specialist in robotic systems and his knowledge in this area is indisputable.
If you are looking for mechanical, systems design or engineering management he’s and excellent candidate.”

Andrew Giffin

Senior Software Developer, Frontline Robotics
“As my manager, I have seen Lubo persevere in the field on a trip for business. He got results and over came problems in a difficult situation.”

Vladimir Polotski, PhD

Senior Scientist at Frontline Robotics
“I really liked Lubo’s interactive approach to managing the work of Frontline’s multidisciplinary team. He was always capable to get the work going forward by handling various, sometimes-contradictory opinions and approaches. He was leading the team throughout hard external pressures, helping people to demonstrate their full capacity in very challenging projects.”

Glen McKenzie

Program Manager, Computer Sciences Corp.
“Lubo was consistently producing high-quality work. He uses a collaborative approach in a team environment, and had quickly become a highly respected member of the team. Positive and enthusiastic attitude. Enjoys challenges. Good interpersonal skills. Always a pleasure working with Lubo and I would hire him again without hesitation.”

Brian McLaughlin

Founder, President, WaveCell International Corp.
“Lubo is a very motivated and focused individual who acts with honesty and integrity. I would work with Lubo again without hesitation.”