WaveCell Telematics program included development of two generations of market-leading GPS-based telematics hardware and intelligent, agent based software with focus on security of precious cargo in transit.

Other system components included communication server middleware, GIS enabled software and support software for mobile unit configuration and testing.

WaveCell M45 Advanced Mobile System

The objective of the second generation, "M45 project" was to incorporate the customer requirements and lessons learned from the first generation products.
The electronics were completely redesigned, we added more memory, additional serial port that came with a new processor, interfacing new generation of GPS and the latest of communication modems of the day.

While the hardware was solid in terms of features and performance, the enclosure was spectacular example of an excellent industrial design.
I have seen one of the great looking M45 boxes come out of a major car crash in Mexico with just a few scratches and perfectly functioning electronics. Well, you couldn't say the same about the car in question...

WaveCell M15 Mobile Unit

M15 is a smaller, cost reduced unit that runs the same software as its larger cousin, the M45. It came with a less I/O, but the same great features, including support for external modems:


Neptune WEX-10 CDPD Modem

Our clients had a requirement for a robust, cost effective mobile security system based on CDPD communication standard. After extensive market research we came to a conclusion that there is no modem that would fit the performance and cost requirements for such a system.

What customer wants, customer gets...
This was a mad rush project that went from concept to production in 6 weeks!

After burning a lot of midnight oil designing, protoyping, testing and production challenges, the Neptune turned out to be a great, reliable product.


Yeah, we have developed a lot of software to serve our customers. The communication server library was pretty sophisticated, supporting a lot of different communication standards and fast, flexible integration into various customer GIS applications. We also built a sample code application that was also used for testing the mobile firmware.

Telematics from WaveCell was definitively the most versatile and powerful system that rivals the competition even today, many years later.