Energy from Waste

Energy from Waste

When approached, I could not ignore the revolutionary field of creating energy from waste. I was immediately sold and decided I had to make a difference. The driving force behind the goal was my displeasure with continuous disposal of waste, having a profound impact on the environment, most profoundly that of climate change. Secondly, the inherent energy value  found in typical household waste, with the right technology, the conversion of this otherwise lost energy can safely and cleanly be transformed into a wide array of alternative energy products.

Energy from Waste – What a clever concept.

Instead of burying or incinerating the waste, feed it into a process that converts its calorific value into electrical energy and other useful by-products without the environmental impact of the more traditional methods.

As Director of Technical Business Development at Elementa Group, I oversaw technology strategy development and implementation specializing in energy from waste technology.  I was actively involved with engineering in resolution of syngas cleanup, cogeneration, heat recovery and other technology issues. I developed a partnership for commercial implementation of EFW plants in Europe.

Today, this partnership is on track to develop a multi-million dollar commercial Energy from Waste plant in EU.