DuPont Canada Inc.

My 8 year career at DuPont Canada Inc. resulted in two engineering awards of excellence for development work undertaken on laboratory and information systems, instrumentation and development of new analytical methods. Of course the most important factor was the ROI for the company.

In terms of systems I would like to mention two key projects:

  • Implementation of PE Nelson Access*Chrom – VAX based Gas Chromatography Management System involving integration of new software and hardware, migration of chromatographic methods under a new system which led to cost savings and paradigm shift in chromatography method creation and maintenance.
  • Design and implementation of Fisons Laboratory Information Management System for Maitland site works. Designed a sample / data Oracle based management system using barcode technologies, automatic scheduling and configuration of Laboratory instrumentation on sample arrival into Central Laboratory, intelligent reporting of test results to remote, process control computers in chemical works.Project resulted in increased sample-to-result cycle speed, productivity, decrease in human errors and incredible cost savings to the company.

Every day at DuPont meant many thousands of dollars in revenues. If downtime occurred or quality was reduced for any reason whatsoever, it meant a major loss in revenues. Any increase in efficiency or productivity meant quite the opposite.