914 PC-BOT

PC-BOT started its life as a glue gun concept by White Box founder Tom Burrick.
My objective for the 914 PC-BOT project was to take this concept through complete redesign and make it into a revolutionary, manufacturable product.

After nailing down the requirements my team and I embarked on designing a new, modular, metal endoskeleton chassis and drive with suspension. Then came peripheral, motion control and I/O electronics, sensors, communications, sourcing the right computing platform, onto batteries and charging system, power supplies, harnesses, plastics exoskeleton design, ending with developing several versions of Windows and Linux software for control. After rigorous testing we did some fine tuning and went to a local manufacturing at Adeptron facility in Ottawa, Canada.

It was a lot of work for such a small robot, but it has paid off in terms of a great result.

The 914 won PC Magazine’s DigitalLife 2006 award in category: FUTURE TECHNOLOGY and is used today by academia, research labs and robotic enthusiasts worldwide.